Screenwriting is a skill that requires a high level of finesse and artistry. Even those with exemplary penmanship and communication find it difficult to develop scripts without formal training and diligent experience. Any story, in whatever form, can be adapted to a screenplay, and the best ones are often forgotten due to time constraints. This is where Tytin Productions can help.

By outsourcing, you get professionals who are familiar with the technical rules of scriptwriting and know how to blend together a formula for success acquired through more than 15 years of study. Writing is what we do best, and we ensure you receive a highly crafted script, no matter your needs, goals or the inherent challenges.

By working through and elevating the initial concept, outlining an engaging story, creating memorable plots and developing engaging characters, we’ll leave the audience captivated in the end. We’ve done extensive research and met with film producers and agents to discover what today’s Hollywood is looking for, so we know what’s selling. It is always our intent to leave a lasting impression on our clients and our audience—an impression that is gratifying and unforgettable. Whether you need a log line, a query letter or a fully crafted script, we can help. We look forward to taking this journey with you.

Scriptwriting includes:
  • Meeting to Discuss Story & Characters
  • Treatment (if requested)
  • Step Outline
  • Meeting to Discuss Outline
  • First Draft
  • Meet and Review Notes
  • Rewrite a Polish Based on Notes
Polishing includes:
  • Elevating the Writing Style
  • Strengthening Word Choice in Description
  • Removing Gratuitous Description and Dialogue
  • Refining and Improving Dialogue
  • Producing an Exciting and “Page-turning” Read

As all scriptwriting jobs can be very different regarding length and complexity. The expectations and service fees are different between established producers and independent filmmakers. Please contact us regarding your needs for a personalized quote.

Our Screenwriting Services Include But Are Not Limited To:
Feature Films
Short Films
TV Shows
Web Series
Book-to-Screen Adaptation
Video Scripting
Creative Media
Screenwriting Polish
Script Treatment
Story Treatment
Treatment Revision
Log Lines
Query Letters