Tytin Productions is a full-service production company with the ability to produce films at any level of cost or complexity. We act as a co-producer and a production services company, and it’s our intention to offer services to any filmmaker who wants to use Tytin Productions as a base for their entire production. The team has over 15 years of experience as producers, UPMs, ADs, production coordinators and post-production supervisors. Our experience encompasses all phases of production: pre-production, production and post.

For any project—feature, TV or independent—our budgeting, scheduling and management services ensure your film is production ready. You’ll know if you’re where you need to be before important financial decisions are made and your project is given the “green light.”

For independent filmmakers, our services are critical to ensure your project is viable for financing. An expert plan created by seasoned industry professionals is key to moving your project from the initial page to final screen. Tytin has the experience, knowledge and background to provide you with exemplary advice on how to best stretch your budget and put amazing production value on the screen when major funding may not be accessible.

All the while, we make sure that the production runs according to schedule, keeping you informed each step of the way with consistent daily communication.

We manage the production schedule, budget and production team utilizing industry-standard scheduling software that includes Day-Out-Of-Days, Cast Lists and Location Lists. Taking into account all major considerations, from location availability to actors’ needs, we will work closely with you to create a viable schedule that precisely reflects the needs of your project.

Budgeting has never been easier as Tytin will provide your film with an entire financial roadmap. You will be provided with a full, detailed breakdown of all elements required—actors, extras, locations, camera, stunts, electric, grip, props, set dressing, wardrobe, sound, music and many more.

We deal with any problems that may arise during any phase of your production, from planning to completion. Let us handle the important issues during our tenure together so you can maintain your focus on the creation and artistic elements of the project.

Finally, we make sure that insurance, health and safety rules, all copyright laws and union agreements are adhered to. SAG/AFTRA union laws can be difficult and confusing, leading to many accidental mistakes. You don’t want your film to wind up in limbo due to missteps and mismanagement. Let our experts avoid these unnecessary miscalculations so you don’t have to be in distress.

*Tytin Productions strives to be accessible to filmmakers and production crews of any size. As each project can be different in regard to length, complexity, budget, location and needs, you may find you don’t require a complete management package. We can also consult with you regarding your needs and tailor a custom package. Please contact us with your project specifications for a cost estimate.