Picture this: You’re not looking to create a feature film or short film delineated to festivals or DVD distribution, but instead are wanting to create a web series, a monologue for role submission or a film for YouTube, Vimeo or Twitter. In this day and age—when creating your own films has never been easier—the lines between film production and new media have become blurred. We at Tytin like to call these films “Creative Media.”

The ability to create your own creative media films within a low budget has the Internet over-flooded with rough plots, cliché dialogue and substandard production quality. It’s difficult enough to be noticed amidst the sea of others out there, and when your poorly lit, low-budget film appears and sounds low budget, it’s even harder.

This is where Tytin can help! With our extensive knowledge of story design, production management and film shooting—not to mention expertise in working with unions—we can give your media project the extra polish it needs to stand out from the pack. Whether your plan is to release the film through online distribution channels, to publish  a series on your website, or to create a hits-winning, funny little parody for YouTube, our team can meet your demands.

We pride ourselves on being a full-service production company with the ability to produce films, skits and web series at any level of cost or complexity. By offering services in producing, co-producing and consulting, and by providing the necessary crew to complete your film, we’ll work with you and your delegated associates to clean up your dialogue, elevate the story, break down the script, budget and provide a financial roadmap, staff and/or cast the production, provide reports and contracts, and more. Let us know what your requirements are, and Tytin Productions will ensure that they’re not only met, but exceeded.

As each project’s needs, wants, demands and budgets can be vastly different, please contact us. We’ll discuss your requirements and provide you with a personalized quote. If you’re needing assistance in producing union or non-union feature films or short films, please visit our Film Production Services page.