Our Services

We are gods of our craft. We kick ass and take names.

Tell us your goals and we’ll tell you how to reach them … and make money in the process, if that’s your intent.

Film Production

You can trust Tytin to make your vision a reality. We’ll sit down with you to discover your vision. Then we’ll customize a plan of action to make it a living thing.

Production Management

Tytin Productions is a full service production company, with the ability to produce films at any level of cost or complexity.

Creative Media

The professional team at Tytin Productions invites you to bring your creative ideas to our table. Let’s talk about what media will fit your needs. Then we’ll work up a production schedule so you’ll know what to expect, and when.


We believe in making visual images the best they can be. In still photography, that means having the best lighting, angles and perspective to help you reach your creative vision.

Script Coverage Services

An all inclusive service that gives you everything you need to know on how to take a script to the next level.


Any story, in whatever form, can be adapted to a screenplay, and the best ones are often forgotten due to time constraints. This is where Tytin Productions can help.