Industry Professional Spotlight – Mark Eric Wind


Every 2 weeks we showcase a new industry professional spotlight who we tasked with answering 12 questions where they talk about what they love/hate about the industry, give advice to others looking to break in, and who has inspired them.

This months second professional spotlight is –  Mark Wind

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1. What is your name? 

Mark Eric Wind

2. What is your profession (actor, screenwriter, producer, composer, etc)?

Film Composer

3. Why did you choose that particular path within the industry? 

I was a very fanatic amateur dancer (freestyle hiphop, salsa). But as my legs gave out, I wanted to create, to tell stories with music. And to me the most beautiful form of storytelling is when you combine music, visuals and a strong narrative. And my place in that is in the music.

4. Who were your inspirations and why? 

Mike Oldfield, he was pretty much the main composer I listened to as a kid. Every time we´d go on vacation by car, i´d close my eyes when his album Tubular Bells came on, and I saw whole sceneries come to life.

5. What is the best part/what do you love most about your job? 

Just the most profound sense of magic when im creating. There is an exchange that happens when you compose, the music often tells you where to go as you compose the music with the Director’s vision in mind. There is something very magical about that.

6. What is the worst part/what do you like the least about your job? 

The solitude of it sometimes, its often very studio centered work and I love working with and being around people.

7. What has been the most fun/favorite project you’ve worked on? 

I honestly couldn’t tell you. Because no project is the same, you can have fun for completely different reasons. Boring answer maybe huh?

8. What upcoming projects are you working on we can look forward to?

I Shall Visit, by Raine McCormack at Reel King Media.
The Voice In The Head, by Cyrus Trafford at Moment 2 Moment pictures
Video Heaven, by Jonathan Zsofi-Guy, at Zsofipictures

9. Give us a look at what a typical day is like for you? 

My days are quite atypical. I really ride a flow best I can. I try to always wake up at a normal hour, which is somewhere between 7 and 9 am. Take breaks for groceries, walks, a little bit of fitness.

10. What has been your most rewarding experience working as an industry professional?

I have met some very incredible people who have become amazing friends. This industry is filled with lots of good things and bad things, but meeting likeminded people truly feels like coming home to me. Something i´ve never felt in any other place before.

11. What advice would you offer to other upcoming professionals looking to make a career doing what you do? 

Just do it. Just start. Be critical. Be brutally honest to yourself. Be prepared to suffer through insecurities and to grow beyond them without driving your ego upwards. And be so very social, make sure you care about what other people do and don’t feel any competition with them. Umm… So I guess that’s more then one piece of advice.

12. What is your favorite movie and why? 
The Fountain. Because how it explores death, mourning, and letting go. My dad died when I was 15 and even though I saw The Fountain years later it touched my heart unlike any movie ever has.