Casting Call – (Denton, TX) (UNPAID) – Independent Film


Independent/Student/Studio: Independent
Production Type: Short Film
Production Format: HD
Production Location: Dallas/Fort Worth
Specific Production Location: Denton
Production Start Date: 11/07/2015
Production Wrap April Dawn Hartmante: 11/22/2015
Production Schedule: 8 days total, limited to Saturdays & Sundays only
Producer(s): Caroline Long
Writer(s): Bryan Greene, Ron Lechler
Director(s): Bryan Greene

Synopsis: A down and out cynical detective is partnered with an unusually intelligent piece of blueberry pie. Now these two mismatched cops must learn to work with one another to stop an international drug lord who is a former LAPD officer from robbing the Federal Reserve Building on Christmas Day.
A cheesy love letter to the buddy cop movies of the 80’s and 90’s, Slice of Justice is a two-minute parody trailer including shootouts, car chases, vague ethnic villains, and more shootouts.

Character Breakdowns:
Det. John Ricotta – 31, Male – A maverick cop with little regard for authority.
Det. Lou Berry – A piece of blueberry pie on a paper plate.
Captain – 60, Male – Against his better judgement, he partners Ricotta and Berry together in a last-ditch effort to catch Azucare.
Carlos Azucare – 50, Male – An international drug lord and former LAPD officer who is dead set on robbing the Federal Reserve Building on Christmas Day.
Gangbanger – 20, Male – A young kid just trying to make a living the only way he knows how.
Young Woman – 25, Female – A smart, independent woman quickly rising through the ranks of the police force.
Perp – 20’s, Male – Born into a family filled with crime, he has been breaking the law since before he could walk.
Azucare’s Henchmen (6) – 20’s to 30’s, Male – The kind of guys you’d cross the street to avoid. More brawn than brains, they follow Azucare’s every crazy command.
Young Mother – 30’s, Female – A nice lady who notices the hard work Det. Berry is doing, much to the chagrin of Ricotta.
Jasmine – 40’s, Female – The sultry lover of Det. Berry.
Cop With Great Hair – Late 20’s, Male – A young cop with great affection for Det. Berry’s style of police work.
Cool Young Dad – 30’s, Male – A new father who vicariously lives through Berry and his adventures on the force.
Neighborhood Children (4) – 5-12 y/o, Various – Fun-loving kids completely infatuated with Berry and his child-like sense of wonder. Multiple roles available.
Femme Fatale – 20’s, Female – Originally sent to kill Ricotta, she fell in love with him instead.
Goon #8 – 20’s to 30’s, Male – A dim-witted, musclebound thug who has an unfortunate meeting with the business end of Berry’s nunchucks.
Narrator – Male – His deep, gravelly voice sets the tone for our heroes’ story. He sounds like Don Lafontaine imitating Tom Waits.

Paid / Non-Paid: Non-Paid
Other / Additional Compensation: Film Credit, DVD/Digital Copy
Meals / Lodging / Transportation: Snacks and Beverages
Email Address for Cast / Crew Submissions:
Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew: Please include a copy of your resume/headshot in your email. Casting auditions will be submission-based. Thank you for interest in our film.