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Without Limits

Tytin Productions is a full-service video production company based in Dallas, Texas.

The universe is our playground. Earth and sky, land and sea … from neighborhood back yards and cubicle-filled offices to sun-kissed landscapes and the unfathomable depths of a starry night … we are ready to explore and portray the settings and scenarios of your imagination. Let us work with you to take a piece of the universe—large or small—and create a new perspective based on your vision.

Gods of Our Craft

A team that works together elevates its collective skills consistently, producing script-to-screen work that continually increases in power and reach. At Tytin, we understand the significance of story. We know the influence of audience-centric messaging. We also anticipate obstacles, because those are film industry challenges we love to conquer. As professionals focused on our passion, we strive to define a new standard—a new class in full-service film and video production.

Take a look at our work and read about our team. Then contact us and let us help you produce a script, capture an event or craft a video that matches your vision.

You think our work is amazing? Just take a look at our team.
Tyler Tinsley

Tyler Tinsley


As a filmmaker, producer and screenwriter, Tyler thrives on pulling talented groups of people together to create unique and professional films and videos. His most recent projects, Altercide and Encounter, provide evidence of his creative vision and ability to execute challenging projects. Thanks to professional training in California where he learned to adhere to guidelines of the Screen Actors Guild, Tyler is known as a director with an ability to “pull a character from an actor.” His passionate leadership inspires crews to excellence.

Drawn to the stage beginning in childhood, Tyler performed as an actor throughout high school, racking up credits with Dallas Summer Musicals and Children’s Theater, and acting in numerous plays. While completing a B.A. in cinema/TV at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, he learned skills that brought his ideas to life in scriptwriting, cinematography and editing. He later polished his skills at ScreenwritingU taking his writing ability to a whole new level. As he continued working and studying, he excelled in the skills of producing and screenwriting, but his true passion remains in working with and directing actors.

As a producer in marketing and advertising, Tyler’s past clients include Bad Box Productions, The Carrollton Arts Center, Laramar Communities, MADD, Trichter & Murphy Law Firm and Reflection Homes.

Jennifer Sowle

Jennifer Sowle

Set Designer

Multi-talented Jennifer has proven her prowess in set design, set choreography and craft catering. Films like New Beginnings and Altercide provide evidence of her ability to create an atmosphere unique to the project’s needs and specifications, from fantasy to verisimilitude. With a tireless work ethic and sharp attention to detail, she can transform an empty canvas into a working set in the blink of an eye.

Jennifer began her career as a professional stage manager, coordinating all aspects of opera and theater production. In addition to extensive theater experience, she sang the leading role in the rock opera Saana–Warrior of Light and originated the role of Agata in the German opera The Dawn. Her stage skills have translated to the genre of film, where she is passionate about production design.

Managing the local DVD promotion event for the acclaimed film Mamma Mia! started her first steps into the management of the film world. She has professional experience in front of the camera as well, appearing in various pilots and commercials. Oh, and did we mention that she has a Master’s degree in music from the University of North Texas with a minor in theater?

Sarah K. Liberman

Sarah K. Liberman

Casting Director

Sarah is an experienced casting director for feature and short films. Additionally, she is an expert in production coordination, helping with administrative needs. She works closely with the director and producer to understand their requirements and suggests ideal artists for each role, as well as arranging and conducting interviews and auditions. She loves the challenge of finding the right people for the right roles.

Born into a family of artistic minds, Sarah was the eldest daughter of two aspiring actors who exposed her to the movies at a young age. Intrigued with the glamor and glitz, she wanted to be a part of making it all come together. She loves to sing and write, and she dabbled in musical theater for a while. But her true passion is finding talent and helping others hone their craft.

Evan Everton

Evan Everton

Business Manager

Although his career has followed the business path, Evan has a great love for film and writing. As an actor, he played the role of “Death” in Death Foretold and was a background extra in several films. Additionally, he has several years’ experience writing books and screenplays and a natural rapport with creatives. Evan combines his passion for film with his business experience to lead others to reach their potential.

Evan grew up in the Texas Hill Country, where he attended Austin’s Westwood High School. After graduation, he accepted an opportunity to attend the U.S. Air Force Leadership Training School at Lackland Air Force Base.

In 1998 Evan was hired at Kinsel Motors to roll out what was then a brand new concept, Internet Auto Sales. As the Internet Sales Manager, Evan designed the standards, policies and procedures, many of which are still in practice today. Because of his innovative work, Kinsel Motors received the Ford Motors Blue Oval Certification. He later quickly rose from assistant manager to director of operations for CiCi’s Pizza, before finding his home with Tytin Productions.